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Investment Strategy

Investment Objectives

Fund’s investment objective is to provide superior absolute returns by investing primarily  in equity, derivatives and debt obligations in emerging as well as non-emerging markets. Besides, the Investment Manager has full discretion to invest the Fund’s assets in a variety of securities as defined under the Securities Act 2005, including equities, notes, promissory notes and bonds and shares in other investment vehicles and unlisted companies. The Fund may also undertake arbitrage activity as deemed fit by the Investment Committee.

Investment Objectives - Aviator Emerging Fund

Geographical Focus​

The fund shall focus on opportunities in capital markets  in India, UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong, US, UK & may extend the list depending on availability of opportunity.




Hong Kong



Industry Focus

Financial Services - Aviator Emerging Fund

Financial Services

NBFCs (including Micro- Finance) which provide financial services to smaller individuals or businesses thus empowering them  

Fintech - Aviator Emerging Fund


Companies trying to use technology to enhance the financial experience of individuals and other companies

Start-ups - Aviator Emerging Fund


Companies that have been recently established to try and solve a problem, of individuals and other companies and they see a market for it

AIF’s - Aviator Emerging Fund


Alternative Investment Fund or AIF is a privately pooled investment vehicle meant for sophisticated investors

Our Approach

Global Scale
+ Diverse Presence

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